He laid bare the sham of private charter schools:

the way that the public  education system is allowed to rot, defunded of even basic building repairs, while

TAXPAYER money goes to fund privatized education.

Which pays CEOS a great deal and pays teachers less than they receive in public ed, where they are of course often performing heroic duty in the face of grevious conditions caused by the systemic under-and-de funding, as more and more public funds are shunted to private charters.

Remember mandatory art/music classes? Remember phys ed? Remember public school buildings that weren’t mouldering around the students’ ears?

A few kids are allowed to escape the sinking public ed ship into alleged charter heaven/haven, while the rest are left to founder. (Not that charter schools necessarily provide better quality education.)

Of course the charter-ites are freaking out over Oliver!

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But infinitely different —

I’ve convened Richard Strauss week, listening to (s0 far) three Ariadnes, one Rosenkavalier, and one Arabella.

Each stellar conductor/singer/(sometimes) orchestra makes you feel that that’s exactly the way it should be–no one could be better.

And then you savor the next iteration. . . .

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I thought, No, it couldn’t be. . . but it was.

That kind of olive/Nile green linen slipover, placket midway-down-the-front shirt with purple knit collar–

The one I wore a lot in 1988–visual documentation exists in that snapshot of me with the great Barbara (BIBA) Hulanicki in Miami.

I reached way over in my clothes rack and fished it out. Impacted with the dust of ages, it actually irritated my nostrils. But it is intact.

Hand-washed it, then put it back. But I might still go out in it again.

That would be in the tradition of CZ Guest–I would have abhorred her politics, but love the way she’d come in from Long Island for a do, wearing a thirty-year-old Mainbocher.

Thrifty WASPS–I know all about them.

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One good thing about Hillary:

She’s got Joseph Stiglitz advising her!

And the great economist–he’d be a lot better Treasury Secretary than Sheryl Sandberg–is blasting Obama’s lame-duck end-run plans for the heinous TPP.

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When I interviewed her for Wilde Times last November, she told me about Wilde and Hayden:

“I loved the way they were out of themselves and into what they were doing and what they were expressing. They were real artists in the company. Tanny was, too.”

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Why doesn’t the Metropolitan Opera–and opera houses around the country–market themelves as basically the last venues in the United States where you can hear the unamplified human singing voice?

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She seems to have no intention of reforming, as her transition team picks demonstrate.

As Norman Solomon writes at Common Dreams, “on a vast array of issues—basic principles will require progressives to fight against her actual policy goals, every step of the way.”

And believe me, we/they will!  She is a woman with very poor judgement, so it is up to others to remind her that Obama part 3, will see her tossed out on her ass in four years, and the next Donald Trump elected.

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Once again, there is the sorry spectacle of President Obama committing below-the-waterline injury to his own reputation, giving future biographers lots of fodder for head-shaking, as well as sticking it to the Democratic Party, the country, the planet.

This is a tale of two Obamas.

One is the president who has meekly accepted the GOP’s mugging of our judicial system, congressional precedent and constitutional mandate, its refusal to schedule hearings for his Supreme Court nominee. He seems to have just given up.  You can almost hear Obama saying, “Oh, well, I’m tired, and I’m almost out the door, anyway.”

The other Obama is newly engaged, Johnny-on-the-spot, ready to expend every last bit of political capital to something passed:

That is the Obama who is insisting that the democracy-targeting Trans-Pacific Partnership be voted on in the upcoming lame-duck Congressional session. TPP will override U.S. national sovereignty and further cripple that very same judicial system that the GOP has put in its rifle sights.

Obama’s obstinacy has, of course sparked outage among the progressive groups and constituencies that are not very happy about Hillary, but must show up in November in order for Hillary to get elected. It even contradicts Hillary’s own stated “evolutionary’ position on the subject. It contradicts Trump’s own faux-populist opposition to the treaty. It plays right into Trump’s hand.

The word “legacy” is one of those terms, concepts, adjectives that have been rendered largely meaningless by our “mainstream” “news” media. They tell us over and over again that Obama wants TPP passed to ensure his legacy.

Whether or not TPP passes Congress, certainly this will cement Obama’s legacy as a corporate toady who was always avid to give Jamie and all the other Jamies whatever they want at all and any cost.

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Now that Facebook’s under investigation by the IRS, surely this is exactly the right time for Hillary to be touting Sheryl Sandberg for her cabinet.

Undoutbtedly Sandberg would be “creative,” “innovative,” and just as important, oh, so fervid an advocate of fiscal “flexibility”!

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I had decided not to post/link to my book reviews–good, bad, or indifferent–it seemed just too awfully needy, don’t you agree?

But someone mischievously persuaded me otherwise in this case.

In for a penny, in for a pound, here’s the link.

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