15:17 TO PARIS

Eastwood’s new movie is so simple it could be Quaker.  Boy stops terrorist on train.  That’s about it.  No background on the terrorist or his motivations; that would be moral equivalence not pure evil.  No connection to boy’s prior life and act of heroism.  Most shocking, no connection between act of heroism and heroism; act turns out to be blindly rushing an armed shooter whose gun happens to jam by happenstance.  As the Guardian puts it:  “The 15:17 To Paris Review — a truly dull tale of real-life derring-do.”  And yet this cartoon is bracing precisely because of its simplicity.  Eastwood to Hollywood:  Keep It Simple!

BTW can’t wait for Red Sparrow with J Law and Jeremy Irons, out March 1 — sex, gore and Putin (a featured character).

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