The Manhattan Borough President has to know that she can’t just talk the talk but must indeed walk. Somewhere. In some direction. We need to demand that she take a stroll.

I hope she walks down Broadway from 14th street and takes a gander at all the historic, beautiful, low-rise 19th-century buildings that are going to be crushed unless she takes some action to protect them. And forget any affordable housing remaining in the area once it becomes Silicon Valley East. Take a look at San Francisco.

De Blasio & Deputy Mayor Glen’s proposed Tech Hub on 14th Street is a Trojan Horse (except that they’re up front about it) to open B’way, Second and Third Avenue southwards to massive new redevelopment. This area has already been decimated in the past couple of decades. I cannot tell you how many historic buildings are gone because the city has so far refused to extend landmark district protection to this area.

Brewer’s approval for Tech Hub must come with a demand that the area receive zoning and landmark protections. And the Mayor needs to come around as well.

I’m tired of hearing both of them say they support things that they will not actively support.

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