Democrats are really, really good at losing. In fact, they’ve made a specialty of it.

True to form, Nancy Pelosi goes to the sham Peterson Foundation and jaw-jaws, validating their obsession with cutting Social Security.

The “pay-go” rule she keeps espousing is a way to straitjacket government, thus ensuring the Dems keep accomplishing very little.

As Richard Eskow explains at Crooks and Liars:

“The Democratic Party’s fixation on ‘paying for’ every new initiative may have been its greatest blunder of the last thirty years. It has prevented the party from embracing the kind of bold initiatives that could have won it broader support. They include Medicare for All, tuition-free higher education and the cancellation of student debt, major infrastructure spending, and a federally-guaranteed job for every American.”

If, despite Pelosi’s best efforts, the Dems do somehow manage to retake the House, they will enjoy a fiasco comparable to Pelosi’s four years as Speaker, which saw the Democrats tailspin from super majorities to minority status.


Bogus, superannuated hooey like “pay-go” is finally corked and thrown overboard.

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