“Oh, my God. . . what IS that?. . . That’s disgusting,” someone said to me when I pointed out the latest monster tower rising on Bloomberg’s dystopian nightmare lcityscape, 57th Street’s Billionaire’s Row. Last year, Nan Victoria Munger in the West View Times reported the way that ““The Department of Buildings Shrugs as Megatowers Take Over New York City.”

A report by Landmark West records that 217 West 57th Street was originally approved to be 64 stories, after which an additional THIRTY stories were simply tacked on– well after, of course, the window for public comment has closed.

The Mayor, his City Planning Commission, the Dep’t of Buldings are doing everything they can to cut the public out of the development review process. Thus the Midtown East scam earlierthis year, with its fast-tracking of air-rights transfers. We are losing democracy at the municipal level as much as at the federal.

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