That’s what Democrats and Democratic Socialists should say every time Liz Cheney or any other Republican windbag moronically intones “Venezuela!” to mean–something or other, in the service of their shoveling more money at the super rich while shafting everyone else.

Let’s be kind and extrapolate from their shrieks of “Venezuela!” a possible meaning that Venezuela’s problems offer a conclusive verdict against any socialized initiative here. You know, just like we need to disband our military because “Argentina!” I mean, they did have a coup a long time ago, so that’s conclusive.

Liz Cheney doesn’t know her ass from her elbow about socialism or anything else, but she’s an unabashed mouthpiece for GOP cant and deception.

The fact is, we have socialism in this country already for certain swaths of population, above all the wealthy, who recline in a warm bath of socialized subsidy that runs from cradle to grave.

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, life-long free medical care for vets, life- long medical care for ex-Congress members: these are also all socialized programs.

The reality is that the socialized countries I’ve mentioned above are all considered some of the most best places to live on the face of the planet.

The GOP thinks by repeating “Venezuela!” enough times it can terrify Americans about new possible socialization like Medicare for All.

But we are partially socialized as it is, and our socialized programs are mostly extremely popular and functional.

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