Rep. Nadler needs to immediately issue the subpoena he’s already secured approval of to obtain Mueller’s report.

AG Barr is shamming Congress and the American people. He’s going to keep dragging his feet until he issues his very own edit of the “Mueller Report” that will have the substance of origami.

Banality of Evil Barr makes the most outrageous, lawless avowals in the affectless tone of a time-serving bureaucrat, thus trying to normalize his aberrant, anti-democracy assaults.

However, even Barr couldn’t go so far as to deny that he’d already briefed the White House on Mueller’s report.

Dems always have trouble taking decisive action when it’s needed; it’s time Nadler head Barr off at the pass and get that subpoena out.

And it’s time he investigates the Kavanaugh “confirmation” process, a desperately-needed remedial action he told us he was going to pursue.  A consortium of progressive groups have just demanded that Nadler do exactly that.

The Dems in their typical submissiveness probably think if they let Kavanaugh get away with it, he’ll rule impartially, at least a few times.

Fat chance. Kavanaugh is going to continue to be an operative first, a justice second, no matter how nice the Dems are.

Didn’t Obama make exactly the same error with McConnell? The GOP does not act in good faith. Full stop.

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