And I guess she finally didn’t.

Rep. Omar is a co-sponsor of the bill to re-authorize the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.Rep. Crenshaw is not. And yet he has the gall to criticize her for alleged, decontextualized diminishment of 9/11. And using a selectively spliced video, to boot.

Pelosi fell for this with the ACORN debacle, so I guess she’s wised up a bit.

I would like Rep. Omar sometimes to choose her words more carefully –especially when she knows who’s waiting to pounce on her–but when she said “some people did something,” she clearly was using a rhetorical trope to indicate that whenever an individual or, in this case, a group of Muslims, does something criminal, racist demagogic freaks will insist that all Muslims are bad.

The New York Post and Fox “News” are trying–thank you, Mr. Clinton, for continuing Reagan’s deregulation of media–to get Rep. Omar assassinated. In a sane society, both “news” venues would be prosecuted.

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