Draft-dodgers Donald Trump and John Bolton are intent on tricking us into war with Iran.

Since, as we all know, sex is at the root of everything, it would be interesting to mark-up a sexual profile of these two old men who cannot wait to send a lot of young men and women to their death needlessly.

And let’s not forget Mike Pompeo.

Combat veteran, Massachusetts Rep. and presidential contender Seth Moulton is spot on when he tells Jake Tapper:

“The parallels between how the Bush Administration pushed us into war with Iraq and how the Trump Administration under a draft-dodging commander-in-chief is pushing us into war with Iran parallel with Vietnam with what Bolton and Pompeo are trying to do. . . put enough troops in the gulf that there’s a good chance there will be the kind of interaction, an altercation that set off Vietnam, that that will set off war with Iran.”

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