Rep. Cheney now makes an habitual, almost daily defense of totalitarianism.

The Nazis’ first concentration camp was built years before the Final Solution.

And AOC is correctly identifying what could be the ultimate culmination of Trump’s anti-immigrant dehumanization.

She didn’t say it’s happened already.

Early in Hitler’s reign, my grandmother’s rabbi told her what the Nazis were doing and my grandmother always regretted never writing Washington, D.C. and demanding that FDR do something. Her family remaining in Hungary suffered horribly during World War II, which makes me all the more outraged at Liz Cheney’s twisted, cynical, exploitation of the anti-Semitism card. This in defense of a president who not only demonizes immigrants, but surrounds himself with anti-Semites like Steve Bannon.

So if you want to do something about anti-Semitism, Rep. Chney, why don’t you start in your own filthy backyard?

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