“Dear, we don’t need a museum piece in this company.”


Speaker Pelosi seems to be losing it. She’s making one gaffe after another. It’s shocking after her triumphant recapture of the gavel.

You don’t let “moderate” members of your caucus claim they can’t go back to their constituents and say they voted against funding ICE. You tell them to tell their constituents that they voted against putting children in cages.

You don’t believe that after the terrible border funding deal is sealed you can still elicit concessions from Trump or any other Republican.

You don’t talk smack about the the newest, most dynamic members of the House Democratic caucus to Maureen Dowd and then tell them not to post comments on Twitter.

Don’t give us drivel about Trump’s “self-impeachment.” He takes more liberties with our democracy every day and your refusal to impeach is a virtual endorsement. Your actions are enabling Trump and turning off the Democratic base.

Speaker Pelosi is reaching a point of incoherence as well as manic and unreasonable obstinacy. She’s beginning to sound a bit like Trump himself.

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