While the “mainstream” “news” media and our current slew of apocalyptic Republicans go on denying climate change, the reality of climate change continues apace.

Amitav Ghosh’s “The Great Derangement” examines the central conundrum of our time: why humanity continues to cheer on the species’ extinction. Ghosh pulls in aesthetic paralysis as well. He believes that the art form of fiction has become so concerned with domestic issues that it doesn’t seem to be able to acknowledge something as existential as climate change. Ghosh himself sets out to rectify that in his new novel, “Gun Island.”

This Tuesday, Ghosh will parley with Nathaniel West, who’s written “Losing Earth,” a history of scientist’s attempt to bring the human race into alignment with climate change reality, in the Celeste Barton Forum at the 42nd St. library.

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