Trump the Great Distractor. 2018

A White house in Chaos.
A Country in Despair.
Times are as they may be confusing those who listen to political news channels, Stations
Every day a different story unfolds. Who I ask you? Can retain it all or keep up with the truth.
What is the truth. I no longer know
Often, I’ve had sleepless nights, thinking about inconceivable and utterly baseless accusations against our democratic institutions.
Our Greatest offense is our defense. Who defends our country, the intelligence agencies? The justice department?
Why attack those that represent our strongest defense against the rising tide of cyber-attacks and subtle creations by foreign agents looking to influence our countries electoral process. Sway this honored republic into dividing an itself by corrupting the people and the values they hold dear.
Why should I or any one care?
Americans enjoy the freedoms that must assuredly be held close to our hearts. What a gift to live within a country where life’s journey unfolds myriad opportunities to dream and make it come true.
A gift like non-other. Would that it not be taken from me nor all my fellow brothers and sisters. Bound together from the Pacific to the Atlantic our home a and sanctuary.
This magnificent country is a family. There are fights and then we make up. We come to each other’s aid in times of crisis. Our personal thoughts are private, but when shared aloud create a dialogue so that all benefit from what we learn.
We are significant in our common cause to see our way forward, even in the most difficult of times.
They seem as if they are now.
All things considered, worse has come and gone. Our past shows us the way to our future.
I am fortunate to bear witness to events in Our capital and around the world. Most are not so privileged.
I will remain hopeful.

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