You know, in today’s climate, it doesn’t take much of anything at all to bamboozle people.

Injustice Scalia was a shrieking hysteric who formulated crackpot, nonsensical doctrines that he himself regularly violated when they couldn’t be used to support his extremist agenda. Somehow he was called brilliant, probably because the media had no idea what he was talking about.

Judge Barrett is a rigid, doctrinaire, intolerant ideologue, and a liar and scam artist, as her testimony this week brought home. Because she is so square and rigid, she couldn’t even relax her default stonewalling to acknowledge the existence of black-letter law and Constitutional statute.

As a jurist she is a mediocrity, as are Kavanaugh and Gorsuch and most of the right-wing Supreme Court majority. The Court is no longer any type of berth for the country’s finest legal minds. The GOP has not only corrupted it beyond legitimacy, it has dumbed it down, down, down.

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