The toxic propaganda outlet’s “news” personality Pete Hegseth got mowed down by Texas State Representative Talarico the other night, because Talarico came in armed for bear and didn’t cede a millimeter of ground. And all the while he smiled engagingly, while Hegseth’s face contorted with mocking rancor and belligerence. So much more so as he realized that a Democrat was actually fighting back.

Perhaps Talarico can give tutorials to Dems going on Fox. Like him, they must
be sure to remember:

Be prepared: you are descending into a Stygian morass of propaganda. There is neither truth nor civility here.

When a Fox “News” personality talks over you, keep on talking.

When the “news” personality starts pummeling you with gotcha questions, widen the vista and punch back with a revelation about what the global Fox gestalt is guilty of. Talarico was spot-on hurling accusations at Hegseth about Fox’s deplorable promotion of the big lie.

And cut to the chase: Talarico kept insisting that Hegseth tell him whether he believed that Biden was honestly elected.

Take the fight to them.

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