when it comes to preserving neighborhoods and affordable housing.

The Midtown East scam, the Mayor’s refusal to stop the Rizzoli demolition, his reluctance to ensure that new zoning protections accompany the proposed Tech Hub on 14th Street–when it comes to grotesque overbuilding, and neighborhood destruction, it’s almost Bloomberg’s fifth term.

In The New York Review of Books, Jeremiah Moss writes about the impending demise of the 19th-century St. Denis Hotel at 11th Street and Broadway. Real-estate developers are salivating over the opportunity to destroy the neighborhood’s stock of low-rise, as yet-unlandmarked 19th-century buildings.

Woolf quotes Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation:

“The type of change we’re seeing now is unprecedented in the neighborhood’s history, and would erase all the layers that have accumulated over the generations.”

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