Sen. Schumer is doing nothing to stop the passage of the bank deregulation bill, about which Sen. Warren is crying foul. Minority Leader Schumer is allowing Democrats to ensure passage of this disgraceful bill, which totally undermines the Dems’ claim to be looking out for consumers. “This bill could be a neat encapsulation of a corrupt administration and an out-of-touch Republican Party,” Alex Shephard writes in The New Republic. “Instead, it has become a totem of a feckless and incompetent Democratic Party.”

Naturally, all the Republicans are on board. We know whose side they’re always on. No ambiguity there.

So it’s bi-partisanship at its worst. “In their eagerness to show voters that they’re not just obstructionists, Democrats have simply rolled over” Shephard writes.

Once again.

Next fiscal crash and big bank bail-out, here we come!

We need better Democrats, better Democratic leadership.

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